ORO nineteen Jewellery

ORO 19 Jewelry, more than 40 years old, is managed by the Hamid Tehrani, which is one of the prominent Jeweler in the field of jewelry in Toronto. Jewelry design by Hamid Tehrani means the art of using up-to-date design knowledge, aesthetics and combining handicrafts with the latest technology in the world, which will lead to the creation of brilliant, unique and special products and will affect people’s lifestyles.The professional design team of our collection, relying on aesthetic knowledge as well as knowledge of fashion design skills in jewelry, try to help our customers to be special by creating personal trends or following the current trends of the fashion world.

ORO 19 Jewelry Gallery with new and creative designs such as the combination of gold and leather today is a successful model for its colleagues in creating a positive transformation in the field of jewelry. Lifetime products along with reasonable prices have been welcomed and supported by the people. The gallery also tries to provide your satisfaction as much as possible by accepting the order of your favorite designs or those of your loved ones.